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VIP Package

Quick Details

Imagine the perfect beach day…with someone else doing all the work for you while you built the castle or sand sculpture of your dreams! Imagine your own area on the beach complete with shade, coolers, snacks, drinks and lunch!

More Information

This is YOUR VIP Day!

We make everything possible – even death stars! (a dad made one on the first ever V.I.P. Day!)
Spend the day with American Champion (13/14) Andy Hancock as he shows you and the kids every trick in the book!
Andy has a unique way of communicating his ideas which has proved very successful over the past 15 years.

“Enthusiasm is the key to communication,” says Andy whose lesson methods have been copied as far away as New Zealand and the UK, so let us organize everything – and you bring everyone…with their smiles, as that’s all you’re gonna need.

P.S. Shade, sunscreen, 2 tents, chairs, lunch and a cooler with sodas and water are provided!

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