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Toolkits & Merchandise

After you’ve become a sandcastle master (or before) you can buy a toolkit of your own! Or, for sand experts who want to hang out on the beach, rent the big stuff and create your very own masterpieces. We also have T-shirts for sale. All toolkits come with free tuition…just watch some of Andy’s YouTube tutorials!

Basic Toolkit | $33

Perfect for the beginner, everything you’ll need to start building sandcastles. The starter kit, which is the one we teach with, includes 2 spatulas, a fluffy brush, 2 pencils, lots of straws, and our card inside a drink bottle.

Advanced Toolkit | $75

This is a great kit for slightly more experienced builders. The redesigned advanced kit is made from high grade stainless steel, aluminum, and non-slip plastic and will last a lifetime if properly cared for!

Full Toolkit | $130

Everything you need to build AWESOME! This kit contains 1 Basic Kit, 1 Advanced Kit, and a set of the famous “Sand Shapers” as well as local info and sunblock. Add a sand trowel for $20.

Extra Tools | From $20

We now stock the world’s newest sand tools! They give everyone the ability to produce perfect results every time! They also work in the SNOW! Click here to see them in action.

Tool Rental | $40 – $100

If you are a competent sandcastler, this is for you! Trash can, buckets, shovels, and a bag of tools for rental only. Come and enjoy the best sand castle beach and don’t carry anything!

“We Don’t Do Boring” T-Shirts | Only $25

Upgrade your lesson with these UV protective beach shirts that are fun for your whole vacation.. and beyond! Moms – this is a great addition to the experience!

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