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Sand Castle Lessons

We Don’t Do Boring™

South Padre Island, TX

Sand Castle Lesson – 3 hr Lesson | $600 Group of up to 10 – EPIC 

Sand Castle lessons for 3 hours are for families and groups of up to 10 people who want to build an EPIC Sandcastle. More time for bigger, multiple towers and more detailing and techniques which we guarantee will give you memorable family time photos.
FREE Full toolkit included with everything you will need to build sandcastles every day on your vacation. You don’t need any artistic ability – you just need to be able to follow 3 simple rules and have fun!  

Family VIP Sand Castle Package | $1600 First Class All day!

This is your VIP day! From Sodas to Shade we put it all on for you and your family of up to 20

Create the Sand Castles of Your Dreams with  American Champion, Andy Hancock!

Sand Castle Tools and cool stuff
From $33

Our Sand Castle tools are the BEST you can buy. Offering great value they provide you with the EASY way to get GREAT results After you’ve become a sandcastle master (or before) you can buy a toolkit of your own! Or, for sand experts who want to hang out on the beach, you can rent the big stuff and create your very own masterpieces. All toolkits come with free tuition.

A Family Sand Castle Experience
Sand Castle Lessons with American Champion Andy Hancock on South Padre Island are a UNIQUE family experience.
Our only job is to help your family have a better beach vacation by helping you build the best sandcastle – Ever!

As the Premier Sandcastle Lesson company in the USA we only supply professional artists for our lessons and pass on the science of our sand for everyone to understand how to make a better sandcastle.

All our lessons are on YouTube so you can study up before you get to the best beach in Texas!

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Our Sand Castle Tools are used by Sandcastle builders all over the world and we only teach you with what we sell. They have been developed over the years using the experience of AMAZING artists around the world.

Remember, We supply everything and you supply the smiles – so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Our Mantra is “We Don’t Do Boring” and we’ll prove it when we see you on the beach!

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